LeBonCoin, 2nd year studio at ENSA-Versailles, fall semester 2020, 2021, 2022.
A studio about strange transformations, selective frugality, building engineering poetry, and eventually finding other ways to inhabit what’s already there.

In this studio, we explore the potential of cheap real-estate properties through the most famous classified ad website in France, Leboncoin.fr
Starting with an exhaustive survey of each site, the work then focus on one particular technical or atmospheric theme to develop one precise spatial idea. To heat, to shelter, to connect, to light, to hydrate, to insulate, to chill, to ventilate.
In the last phase, those simple ideas confront to the complexity of the existing buildings to generate strange yet realistic projects.

2020 students : Dennis Antiperovitch, Armelle Aswad, Sarah Bocquet, Victoire Bouillot, Salomé Cohen-Solal, Kaïssa Ekwe, Aziz el Asri, Alexandra Elder, Pierre Guyonvarch, Ji Hwan Hyeon, Hye-Bin Lee, Elsa Moreau, Théo Mottais, Elias Palatin, Mélina Varadaradjou
2021 students : Tanguy Boisson, Henri Blin, Mélina Onal, Camille Dumont, Louise Cartier, Anna Craig, Louise Hermant, Maelle Galland, Noémie Saffre-Hebert, Liam Raynaud, Gabriel Ravalli, Hazar Özagaç, Oscar Woods
2022 students : Maÿlis Aumonnier, Elisa Baboz, Félix Bouillet, Ari Brandt, Nolan Cordier, Marie Courbet, Steeven Demette, Louise Dupont, Theo Dussoulier, Alice Jourdain, Sophie Kaczmarek, Maimiti Leygue, Jessy Lou, Corentin Odorowski, Maëlys Plantier, Clara Pocard